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Richard Jr Prealow : Enlistment Record from WW2

+ Personnel File Core Info:
Richard Jr Prealow
** possible corrupted name
Alt Names (last)
** possible alternate last name
Serial Number
Red River
Technician 5th Grade
Ordnance Department
Regular Army - Officers, Enlisted Men, and Nurses
+ Expanded Details from Archive:
Birth Year
Enlist Date
Enlistment Place
Cp Fannin Tyler Texas
Enlistment For Hawaiian Department
Race + Citizenship
Negro, Citizen
2 Years High School
Civilian Occupation
Skilled Occupations In Manufacture Of Electrical Machinery And Accessories, N E C
Marital Status
Single, With Dependents
Enlistment Source
Enlisted Man, Philippine Scout or Recall to AD of Enlisted Man Transferred to ERC
Conflict Period
WWII, World War 2
About This Data Record
Sep 16, 2014 - This WW2 U.S. Army enlistment data for Technician 5th Grade Prealow, first name Richard Jr is one of 8,433,326 found in our historical archive for the years 1938 to 1946. Archived military enrollment lists include officers as well as enlisted men and women, reservists, foreign scouts, etc.

Data Quality Note - We have reason to believe there is some information on the enlistee that might contain inaccuracies or data quality issues. This typically occurs at some point in the transcription process during the many decades of conversion our data has been subjected to.

Data Quality and Use Notice - Using manual and mechanical processes, we have attempted to clean and organize malformed and misspelled names, places, dates, etc. Our unique approach to assembling historical archives makes our data especially appropriate for family history or genealogy research for the casual visitor as well as professional historians.
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