Stephen Kovalyak : Enlistment Record from WW2

Military Data from Historical Archives:
NameStephen Kovalyak
Serial Number33248920
Enlistment PlaceAltoona Pennsylvania
Enlist Date (m/d/y)07/29/1942
BranchBranch Immaterial Warrant Officers, USA
Enlistment TermDuration of War, Plus 6 Months
Birth Year1915
Race + CitizenshipWhite, Citizen
Education4 Years College
Civilian OccupationOccupations In Manufacture Of Automobiles, N E C
Marital StatusSingle, Without Dependents
Component ArmySelectees - Enlisted Men
About This Data Record
Apr 24, 2014 - This WW2 U.S. Army enlistment data for Private Stephen Kovalyak is one of 8,433,326 found in our historical archive for the years 1938 to 1946. Archived military enrollment lists include officers as well as enlisted men and women, reservists, foreign scouts, etc.

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